7 day slimline digital plug-in time controller for 13A Resistive(3kW), Inductive 6A 230V AC

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Individual day, every day, every weekday or weekend programme selections over a 7 day period. Six programmes are available and if selected to operate over all 7 days, 42 ON & OFF switchings per week will result. Top side display for ease of viewing when in use. Simple two button programming. Shortest switching time 1 minute. Manual override button. Optional random switching facility. 1,000 hours rechargeable memory back up. Controls 500W of fluorescent or low energy lighting and up to a 1hp motor. Can also be used with up to 1500W of filament lighting. Cannot be used with discharge lighting (e.g. SON and metal Halide). Operating temperature -10 to 40°C. Battery factory fitted. Conforms to 73/23/EEC, 89/336/EEC width 60, height 81, depth 65.

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